The sales network is the heart of every business. Efficiently managing the entire sales process can be overwhelming, and unfortunately what passes between lead generation and closing sales is sometimes an obscure matter. And, worst of all, sometimes it’s not that your sales team doesn’t perform as you wish: the problem is they can’t. What you would need, is an easy-to-use and affordable SaaS system empowering you with the smartest tools to capture, track and follow up your leads. An all-in-one solution capable of providing you with Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), VoIP integration, Website integration, Business Intelligence features... and much more, all accessible through the web with your browser.

The good news is now you can.

I.S.M. - Instant Sales Monitor was designed to ensure more sales through a more timely and accurate management of your business resources.

ISM is the new cloud software allowing you to consolidate your data, and to organize and manage company’s contacts through each phase: from generation, to profiling and deal monitoring, to automatic quote creation and reporting.

Take control of your sales process in real-time!

  • SaaS architecture for reliable, secure and efficient workability
  • Available on desktop and mobile, for access on any device provided with a web browser
  • Better management of customers, leads and prospects
  • Improved planning and sharing of meetings and sales agenda
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Data consolidation and information sharing across the entire company
  • Data management and monitoring through the web, available on any kind of device (including touch technology)
  • Better time management, and improvement of productivity and efficiency
  • Total control on the entire sales process, for a smoother company management
  • Measure your performances and analyze them with Business Intelligence
  • Efficiency and profitability under control
  • Precise management of costs and efficiency
  • Real-time information, and quickness for decision-making
  • Drastic reduction of sales costs (at least 40%)

The sales cycle used to be complicated...

I.S.M. (Instant Sales Monitor) is a powerful software combining all the benefits of a C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Management) and a S.F.A. (Sales Force Automation) into an All-in-One solution. Gain full control over your sales & marketing operations, to identify new opportunities, capture lead information, manage relationships through cloud based solution capable of enhancing your efficiency, driving your sales performance beyond your expectations.


I.S.M. - Instant Sales Monitor is a unique system that allows you to create and manage the work of operators and agents in perfect sync, organizing all phases of the management of the business contacts, from generation to profiling, the real-time monitoring of the negotiations until the generation of the offer. All with the plus of having data and information shared at all levels of the company, anywhere, in real-time.






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